Trip of a lifetime for these Ladies



A group of participants recently had the opportunity to travel down to Melbourne to enjoy a holiday together.

The holiday marked the first ‘big holiday’ that the ladies have ever had. For some, it was also the first time in their lives that they got to see the ocean and beach for themselves.

Susan, Jenny, Coral and Michelle, together with Mercy Connect staff Gail and Mandy stayed at St. Kilda so the ladies, who all live together, had the chance to see as much as Melbourne as possible during their stay.

The group spent their days visiting the beach, Luna Park, the Zoo and other tourist attractions in the major city.

It was a great experience for the ladies to develop a range of skills including social awareness within big cities. At the Zoo, Susan spotted a lady in a wheelchair so she headed over and made new friends with them. She was engaged and enjoyed her time sitting and speaking to them. Susan also showcased her independence throughout the trip by using her Ipad all by herself.

All the ladies had a wonderful experience and they can’t wait to be able to go another holiday together.



















Photos (L-R): Susan making new friends at the Zoo, Michelle having a rest during sightseeing and Jenny and Susan enjoying their time at the Zoo (top).