Kyle’s new food adventure

Mercy Connect participant, Kyle, has an exiting new project on the go. Kyle is in charge of all the vegetables for our very own Bottlebrush Cafe.

The Bottlebrush Cafe which is located at the St. Johns grounds was opened in early 2017 and provides drinks and lunches on a Wednesday and Thursday. The cafe is run by participants with the support of staff. The kitchen team try and use local, fresh products for the range of dishes they produce.

Now they will not have to look any further with Kyle looking after the well-maintained vegetable garden which is also based at St. Johns, just a couple of meters from the cafe – which is very convenient. They are currently growing a winter crop including lettuce, cabbages, carrots, beetroot, broad beans, silver beet, garlic, onion and more.

On an ongoing basis, Kyle will be monitoring, watering and collecting the vegetables when they are ready to eat and deliver them to the cafe, which is supervised by staff member, Jessica Kolarich.

Kyle who has been with Mercy Connect for 10 years said his favourite part was his love of growing food for others,  with the worst part having to pull out the weeds in the heat! He also maintains a green house and will be growing seedlings ready for planting for the spring season and also have the opportunity to sell them.

Well done Kyle! You are doing a great job in the garden, providing fresh food for others!